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Paul Gilbert is dead!

Page by Stephen Clark

Conclusive proof has lead us to believe that yes, the rumors are in fact true, Paul Gilbert, the once successful guitar player, has been, and is still dead. Paul Gilbert's untimely passing struck him before Racer X finished their first album. Ever since Paul Gilbert passed away, he has been replaced by a double of Paul Gilbert that looks, talks, and acts like Paul Gilbert used to. On this page you will see convincing evidence in the lyrics of Mr. Big and "Paul Gilbert's" solo career that proves he passed away long ago. There is also interviews and quotes from band members of Racer X, Mr. Big, and the fake Paul Gilbert that proves the real Paul passed away long ago. Let us remember the real Paul Gilbert in our hearts forever.

How Paul Gilbert died

Proof in the lyrics

Proof in the interview

Proof in the quotes

Funeral pics