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How Paul Gilbert died

The real Paul Gilbert died just before Racer X (the first band, and only band he was ever in) finished their first album. He died after Racer X got their record deal, but before they finished their first album. He died right in the middle of the album's making. It was a Sunday, and Paul had just put out the garbage in front of his house, and he had gone back inside, from the winters cold. Paul started to tune up his guitar and put it down, went to get a snack from the kitchen, came back in to the room, and tripped over his guitar. Paul's head hit the floor, and he slipped into a coma from the impact. He was later discovered by Jon Dilugie, his neighbor at the time. Jon looked in Paul's window to see him laying on the ground. Jon immediately called the police and went inside the house to see if Paul was still alive. He was, but not conscious. Unfortunately, the guitarist was rushed to the hospital, and died 2 weeks later in the hospital. Ever since his death, a replacement (fake) Paul Gilbert has stood in for interviews, albums, and more.
~Rest in peace Paul~