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Proof in the lyrics


Mr. Big lyric proof

Album#1: Hey man

Track#4: goin' where the wind blows

"Here I site, halfway to somewhere. Thinking about what's in front of me and what I left behind.
  On my own, supposed to be easy."

explanation: This means that he is halfway between reality and the big sleep cause' he in his coma. In his coma he was "thinking about what was in front of him, and what he left behind."

Track#1: Trapped in toyland

"And it seems such a waste for a man with such pride
But it's obvious reality is eatin' at your insides."

explanation: This means that the reality of Paul Gilbert's coma was eating at the Mr. Big members insides, and that it was such a waste for paul gilbert to die, because of his excessive amount of pride.
(The album cover, "Trapped in toyland" was a reference to how Paul Gilbert always pictured being in a coma as being in a toy land, so therefor he was in toyland.)

Track#6: Where do I fit in?

"I wanna live my life
don't wanna live a lie
I hear freedom ringing
everyone's got a place
But where do I fit in"

explanation: The Mr. Big members just wanted to live out their lives, and not carry on the charade. Paul Gilbert's condition was getting better, hence freedom was ringing. "But where do I fit in" means that Paul Gilbert felt out of place because none of the other Mr. Big members were in a coma.

Album#2: Lean into it

Track#4: Lucky this time

"Lost and alone in this city of darkness
empty of lovers and full of lies
you build a wall between your dreams and the madness
I reach out my hand but your run and hide
I've watched you cry in the rain
I wanna bring back the joy again"

explanation: Paul Gilbert's coma was like a city of darkness, "empty of lovers and full of lies." The remaining Mr. Big members "reached out their hands", but Paul Gilbert ran and hid (was in a coma)

Track#11: To be with you

"A broken heart can't be that bad
when it's through, it's through"

explanation: This means that Paul Gilberts girlfriends heart was broken because he was in a coma and couldn't date her.

Track#7: Just take my heart

"Here we are both about to take the final step now
I just can't fool myself, I know there's no turning back
face to face it's been endless conversation
But when the love is gone you're left with nothing but talk."

explanation: "Taking the final step" is referring to Paul Gilbert dying, and that his girlfriend was in it with him. "I just can't fool myself, I know there's no turning back" is referring to Paul Gilberts girlfriends denial she was just getting out of.

Paul Gilbert's solo career lyric proof

Album#1: Flying dog

Track#2: Girl crazy

"Stuck in a world
where weakness are sweet and many"

explanation: Paul Gilbert was "stuck in a world" (coma) and he was too powerless (weak) to do anything.

Track#7: Heavy disco trip

"Won't go the way they say I should
I know a better way to spend my days"

explanation: Paul Gilbert was in a coma, and wouldn't wake up, despite the sounds of people gathered around his hospital bed, telling him to wake up. He knew that the coma was "a better way to spend his days".